Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two more days to go

Life is HECTIC at the moment. There are just too many things on the list and I feel as though I am going in circles without accomplishing anything! Anyway, I just finished my jumping and exercises. Wow, these few days have been a killer – and I am dreading tomorrow’s program already. It’s in such tiny print!!

I am grateful that I had Corry, Jane and Munisha to share the 90 days journey.  I really couldn’t have come this far without the support and encouragement from the ladies. I always looked forward to the Monday workouts – the chatting and sharing always made the time and exercises fly by and so much easier. We were (and still are) on different levels but by using different strength bands, I could mostly keep up (with a lot of whining, grunting and using the easiest band). That is the beauty of the exercises – anyone can do them (even me!) and doing them together was a joy!

After seeing my recent results, my husband has decided to do the program in March when he will have a bit more time (although I am not holding my breath and I will believe it when I see it).  If that happens, I plan to join him. I mentioned this to Patrick and he assured me that I would not have to go on such a strict diet regime as I wouldn’t have as much fat to shed and that my muscles will be easier to build as there is already a foundation. We’ve both have competitive streaks so I can see ourselves competing with the number of jumps or number of reps to failure… We’ll see. I bet it’s not going to be as peaceful as Emiko and Adrian.

Talking about muscles, it was interesting to see at the beginning, I couldn’t and didn’t feel the burn in the targeted areas. I was probably doing the exercises wrong or I just didn’t have enough muscles there to notice. It helped for me to carry on as Corry said “well, you must be doing something – even if it isn’t the right muscles!” As the program progressed, I became more and more aware of the targeted areas and now can feel the burn in the right places. (or so I think… I hope…) The back was the most difficult for me to work – rowing was never difficult and I loved watching Jane do her elegant rowing until one day it clicked. Abs – I didn’t feel a “burn” until about half way through. When I started feeling it – I lost so much tummy fat!

Dramatic changes in the diet has really changed what I buy and what I keep in the refrigerator. I’ve never had so much fruits and vegetables and did I mention eggs?? in the house. I always wondered who bought those Costco eggs –package of  20 eggs… I figured it was for bakeries and restaurants. Well, I was buying 2-3 of those at a time and using them up rapidly. Due to the limitation of salt, sugar and oil intake, meals prepared at home vastly increased. That is when I rediscovered the joy of cooking. This was not the direction I thought I would be headed for when I signed up for an exercise regime.  Carbohydrate was a luxury in the diet so I had to choose carefully what I wanted to eat – now I love to bake my own bread (and cake)! It is so satisfying and a stress buster too!

OK, I’m rambling… Lack of sleep is my biggest downfall during the program. I just could not get the time expected to rest for muscle repair. I really need to work on time organization – but again, this time of year is busy for me… Better grab some zzzz before tomorrow’s crazy workout. Bye for now.


ETA: Here is what I made today – not exactly PCP diet but it was fun. I had to have a bite for a taste but it was early in the morning.

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