Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Final Post

We had a lovely dinner at D’epice yesterday evening. Thank you!Although Patrick was rather surprised with our “healthier” choice of venue it was a perfect ending and a new start – although I must confess I probably had a glass too many! (Thank you Jodi for taking the kiddos and of course your support throughout!)

It’s a funny thing – now that I am “free” to eat anything, I think I am actually more careful. It was so much easier following a prescribed diet (making special exceptions at times - as my son kindly pointed out to Patrick. He waited for his moment and blurted out “Well, mummy ate many things that she wasn’t supposed to…” Thanks, hun.) This change in eating habits must be one of the most valuable assets completing PCP.

Anyway, here are the final photos that were taken yesterday. This is the size 6 jeans that was rather a “tight” fit merely 90 days ago.  I’ll be putting this pair away for awhile.
























Not doing the exercises yesterday was a relief but today it feels as if the day is not complete without skipping. I will definitely keep on skipping on a regular basis although I may not start tonight! I am also amazed how muscles do really “shape” the body. My arms and legs obviously feel thinner but they have curves that I’ve never had and I am thrilled about that.

Will try and update my new life post pcp but at the moment, I am happy to have completed the program. Thanks again Corry, Patrick and Chen! As my treat to myself – I’ve cut my hair (resisted by all the family members for years but it’s done now) and got my dream new camera – the new Canon 5D Mark II.

























Here are a few images I took of Patrick. Will post more in February or March – after the “official” photo session. Chen, congratulations on your new addition to the family. If you would like a complimentary newborn session, I am totally on for it! Give me an e-mail preferably before your little one is two weeks old.

























Nate said...

Great work Maki! You rocked the PCP it's awesome to see the results and some of your work in photography on Patrick. Great stuff and great way to set a wonderful example for your kids!

Corry said...

So wonderful to see all the changes so clearly with the "old jeans" pics and the "new hair"...lovely job. You are just glowing Maki, so great! Your pics of Patrick look super too, that new camera must be fun! enjoy, you earned it!

Anonymous said...

Hello Maki!
I've been following Patrick's project for a few years now, but I've never had the time to subscribe.
I was wondering a few things about the PCP, can I ask you something?