Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 90 – Officially finished

I just finished doing my exercises and skipping which means I have completed PCP! I went back to Day 9 exercises and completed them within 20 minutes. I did get a good workout but obviously didn’t feel the “burn” as much as recent days due to the lower number of reps. But that means, my muscles has toned right?

I am more than thrilled. Thank you all for your support and reading my rather dull blog! I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Patrick, Chen and Corry for their guidance and the wonderful project. It has really changed my outlook towards eating healthily and keeping fit – something I thought I never would conquer!

Will come back to do my final post but just wanted to announce to the world that I am FINISHED!


Patrick said...

Congratulations Maki, it's a great feeling isn't it?

Corry said...

YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY, I got all goosebumps when I read that post...sooo great Maki! Time to celebrate now!