Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 89

Finished skipping and exercises just before midnight. It was tough but I am happy that I finished them. My arms feel as though they are twice the size though! Starting from 0, who would have thought that I would be skipping over 2000 skips without having have to catch my breath? Me doing push ups and sit ups? It just seems like yesterday that I asked my husband to explain how to do them properly. He could not believe how pathetic my muscles were! Now I am doing over 75 push ups and 125 sit ups. Yes, I’ve come a long way and I feel good!

I have lost considerable amount of weight and the smaller clothes size proves it all but as I had a measure handy, I decided to see how much the numbers changed. I only took my measurements once and it was in the second week after starting PCP. Since then - (drrrrr…. drum roll….) waist –6cm, hip –4cm, thighs –2cm, arms –2cm and… an unfortunate –5cm for bust. I thought there would be more difference but I’m sure overall, the whole body is more toned.

Anyway, I am going to take an “early-ish” night to prepare myself for the final day. Woo hoo… one more day to go – actually, it all concludes today!

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