Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oooh, in pain.

Thank you Patrick for a great workout yesterday. It was definitely a bonus to have each exercises checked over to see if I'm doing it correctly or for tips on how to improve. My skipping saw a massive improvement. Who would have thought my ropes were too short!

As for figures, my weight remained fairly consistant but I was excited to see my muscle mass percentage go up by a full percentage to over 29%. I am more than thrilled - I'm becoming like "Jane"!  My body fat percentage went down by a percent too!

Having said that I may have injured myself trying too hard. I woke up to muscle pain all over, which is a great sign. I can cope with that - but I have this sharp pain in my left hand side abs and it kills everytime I move (even if I don't move). It just got worse over the course of the day so I have decided that this was not just an ordinary muscle pain and to skip the workout due for today. I tried jumping but it was too painful. I feel bad but am hopeful that tomorrow I will feel a bit better.


Munisha said...

Take care of yourself....let me know if you need anything.

Patrick said...

Hopefully it's just soreness and not an injury. That was a tough workout!