Thursday, November 27, 2008

9 more days to go...

Count down time. It's amazing I've come this far and I've learned tons about fitness, health and also about myself. I've always been a procrastinator - I was the type at school that always waited until the night before to work on the 30 pages reports. I always swore to myself that when I am through with my second pregnancy, I would get back into shape. My daughter is almost two and a half . My husband always jokes that he will engrave my famous two words on my gravestone - those words bein "I will".  I'm glad I didn't bail out of PCP and postpone getting fit until goodness knows when.

Just before starting, I remember saying to Corry "I think the diet part would be a breeze for me because I'd done it before and lost tons before my wedding but I don't know if I can stick with the exercises because I hate anything related to moving my body." As it turned out, it was the exercises that wasn't that difficult as I got into the routin but the diet was difficult to maintain, especially with two little ones that needs to be fed and with a husband who likes to dine out (me too!). Eating habits, I found out, is such a mental thing. Although the body doesn't necessarily need it, the mind craves for it at times. It was the temptations that was sometimes difficult to overcome and I must admit I did cave in a few times.  However, I don't think I will ever go back to eating like I did before PCP. It's nice to feel lighter and energetic instead of feeling full and bloated!

Anyway, better get back to my exercises - see, I'm procrastinating again! Oh no!

P.S. I never thought I'd be whipped by my own hair while skipping. Let me tell you, it hurts! By the way, the pain few days ago is fading quickly so I must have overdone the exercises.

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Patrick said...

Part of the trick of the PCP is changing your expectations of food so much that even when you feel like you're totally over-indulging, compared to what you used to eat, it's still a light meal.