Thursday, November 27, 2008

9 more days to go...

Count down time. It's amazing I've come this far and I've learned tons about fitness, health and also about myself. I've always been a procrastinator - I was the type at school that always waited until the night before to work on the 30 pages reports. I always swore to myself that when I am through with my second pregnancy, I would get back into shape. My daughter is almost two and a half . My husband always jokes that he will engrave my famous two words on my gravestone - those words bein "I will".  I'm glad I didn't bail out of PCP and postpone getting fit until goodness knows when.

Just before starting, I remember saying to Corry "I think the diet part would be a breeze for me because I'd done it before and lost tons before my wedding but I don't know if I can stick with the exercises because I hate anything related to moving my body." As it turned out, it was the exercises that wasn't that difficult as I got into the routin but the diet was difficult to maintain, especially with two little ones that needs to be fed and with a husband who likes to dine out (me too!). Eating habits, I found out, is such a mental thing. Although the body doesn't necessarily need it, the mind craves for it at times. It was the temptations that was sometimes difficult to overcome and I must admit I did cave in a few times.  However, I don't think I will ever go back to eating like I did before PCP. It's nice to feel lighter and energetic instead of feeling full and bloated!

Anyway, better get back to my exercises - see, I'm procrastinating again! Oh no!

P.S. I never thought I'd be whipped by my own hair while skipping. Let me tell you, it hurts! By the way, the pain few days ago is fading quickly so I must have overdone the exercises.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oooh, in pain.

Thank you Patrick for a great workout yesterday. It was definitely a bonus to have each exercises checked over to see if I'm doing it correctly or for tips on how to improve. My skipping saw a massive improvement. Who would have thought my ropes were too short!

As for figures, my weight remained fairly consistant but I was excited to see my muscle mass percentage go up by a full percentage to over 29%. I am more than thrilled - I'm becoming like "Jane"!  My body fat percentage went down by a percent too!

Having said that I may have injured myself trying too hard. I woke up to muscle pain all over, which is a great sign. I can cope with that - but I have this sharp pain in my left hand side abs and it kills everytime I move (even if I don't move). It just got worse over the course of the day so I have decided that this was not just an ordinary muscle pain and to skip the workout due for today. I tried jumping but it was too painful. I feel bad but am hopeful that tomorrow I will feel a bit better.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Third indulgence

and a lesson learned the hard way. My final indulgence - as my husband was back home after a long business trip, it was perfect opportunity to dine out. I overdid it, major time. We went to the club dining room. (OK, not the fanciest feast by any means but it was an easy place with two children) My husband and son always order the beef steak, so I decided to join them this evening plus a nice glass of red wine.

I enjoyed the meal. Upon returning home, we were scheduled to have a family movie night watching "Wall-E". Well, it became three people watching it with mummy totally zonked on the sofa. I remember seeing Wall-E (just..) and then was woken up by my daughter when the film ended.  After one glass of wine??

In addition, I feel bloated and rather ill, my stomach hurts and I feel totally lethargic. Now I know I will have a bad night with such a full stomach. To think I was doing this casually with more wine plus dessert before PCP... Even after PCP, I will stick with lighter selections for dinner, even if it isn't just an apple, milk and egg white. I also know that after PCP finishes, I won't be able to return to the way I was before, which I thought was going to be easy to slip back to old habits. These three months really has changed how I eat and how I feel. I am very pleased - but believe me, this evening, I'm feeling like crap!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My little treat...

I decided to treat myself to a pair of jeans as the ones I purchased a few weeks ago have become baggy. (People were asking me if the jeans I was wearing was from before PCP ... No... they were purchased half way through!)

People are really noticing the difference - even those who don't know me that well. I went to my daughter's swimming class this morning and people commented about how I looked fit. I am really not good with remembering names and faces but I didn't recognize that person so I could not have seen her THAT often!

Anyway, I had no idea what my jeans size was so I took in a few pairs that looked my size. Umm... they were too big and I had to go 2 sizes down - and I was trying on skinny jeans for the first time in my life! At Gap, I am now a size 1 and as for inches (at a different store) I am 25 inches! I don't think I've been this size ever. I was astounded and needless to say, very happy!  Now that I have bought new clothes, I better stay this figure post PCP!

ETA: I just had to go and check. My GAP jeans that I was bursting out of (which was the catalyst for me to join PCP) was a size 6!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where there is a will


there's a way. My son was craving for English sausage rolls - not the kind you can get here but the ones with  "proper" sausage meat. (Only the English or those who have travelled and had the real things in England would know what he is on about!!) We tried the YCAC bar (yes, they do have sausage roll from New Zealand - but only at the bar!) but that wasn't exactly what he had in mind.

So, after some googling, whiz out to the local supermarket, out came my food processor and an hour later... here we have it! The verdict? "Well, they're good, but not exactly English style."  Ugh! Sorry Jane, if it wasn't pork, you would be my tester right away!

Anyway, workout with everyone together was wonderful. I can't tell you how much faster and easier the exercises become. On a count down to the finish line! Munisha, thanks for the drink! It was so dry today, I really needed it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 70


This was in the oven while I was jumping this evening.  Melon-pan, I bet you can only find this in Japan - but unlike the name, it has no melon in it (melon extract if you are lucky, but I didn't have any). I guess the name comes from how it looks but IMHO it doesn't even look like one.

Finally I feel that I am back in the groove with jumping - for the past two weeks, I've felt as though I was tripping more times than my jumps. I have concluded that I was getting lazy and was trying to jump slower - today, my two monsters fell asleep earlier than usual so I was able to jump before twilight zone. That certainly helped and I felt refreshed after my 18 minutes. On the last set, I jumped 700!

Wow, 20 more days to go. I am really happy to have come this far. My husband claims that he will start next March once his hectic job settles down a bit. That says a lot! I plan to join him although I may not do it everyday. At least it's another incentive to get continue.  Can't wait to see what the final stretch will bring.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Can't find enough hours in the day

Life is hectic at the moment, well actually, the photography side of things is crazy busy. So may sessions to photograph and then hours of proofing. I'm quite proud to say I have not missed my jumproping so I'm feeling upbeat.

People are really starting to notice the difference - especially between last week and this week. Corry said to hold out buying too many clothes a few weeks back. Yup, the trousers that I bought thinking that I could not possibly shrink any more - I find myself tripping over them because they just don't sit on my waist! Unbelievable!

Another late night. Better go off to bed.  My sincere congratulations to those PCP-ers that graduated today (or yesterday rather!!) You all look amazing and I can't wait for that day when I reach the 90th day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 65

OOh, 25 more days to go! I enjoyed my 3 sets of 5 minute jumping today. Jumproping is one thing I think I will definitely continue after PCPs. I can do it anytime, anywhere and I feel so refreshed afterwards - 20 minutes is such a short time to spare to feel better.

Eating better and healthier and more regularly has become a habit. It is almost second nature now. My cravings are less intense and I am content with a small amount even when I do have a craving.  The best thing about the diet program was that apart from the weighing of the food and avoidance of certain things such as pork, salt and oil, everything else was free for us to choose. This made it possible to go through the time with far less stress and a lot more variety than I had anticipated.

The thing I am feeling now is... I'm really cold!! Brrrr cold. It is partly due to the weather which has plummeted in the recent days but also due to my weight loss. Not complaining but... better get warmer clothes for the coming months! Now if I can go to bed and get my 6 hours sleep (or was it 8?) I would be happy instead of my recent bed time of 2:00AM's.

I really enjoyed the workout with Corry yesterday. Doing the exercises together makes it feel so much easier and quicker (but I end up working harder!) Few weeks ago, I couldn't dream of jumping and talking (oh, no... I had to concentrate!)  - but yesterday, we chatted our way through! Can't wait for next Monday when we are all back together again! 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 61

As I am feeling rather "blah" today, I have decided to just jumprope and do the rest of the exercises on Sunday. While I was jumping I decided to list  the positive findings this week.

Firstly, I had a busy day today so much so that I forgot to take any medication but I seem to be getting over my cold. When I develop a cold, it tends to linger for weeks and I usually lose my voice. (very sexy for a brief moment!) This time, I think I have knocked it on the head and I am already on the mend - must be those fresh food kicking in to boost my immune system. (well, that is what I am trying to tell myself!)

Secondly, during Monday's workout (although I haven't succeeded eversince) I jumped the whole 4 minutes without tripping -must have been my competitive streak (I was jumping next to Jane at the time!) I couldn't believe that I could actually do that.

Thirdly, my weight has plummeted down this week by almost 1kg. Not that I am concentrating on losing any more weight, but as I am eating so little, I had been hoping to see at least a slight decline. For the last two weeks, my weight simply did not budge. I am so glad I believed in this program and kept going. Now Patrick's e-mail makes sense how the body was preparing to go "that step" further.

This week has just zipped by and now we are approaching the weekend again! Positive vibes for no rain tomorrow. I have been looking forward to tomorrow's photo session but it may be cancelled due to weather.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 60

2/3 of the way through - great - I should be dancing but  I am sadly down with a cold. I've been fighting it for so long but now I am quickly losing the battle. It's a simple head cold so it's not a big deal, just draining. Hopefully I can shake it off pretty soon.

Few days ago, I liberated myself from counting while jumproping - wow, a big difference! Having said that recently it takes longer for me to work up a sweat. I wonder if it is the weather or my cold or I'm just getting used to jumping?

Finally found a recipe to utilize the egg yolk that gets thrown away too often. Made with sweet potatoes brought to me by my little friend who went digging with her class yesterday.


I also made this - gobbled up by my children in minutes. Worth the effort though!