Friday, October 31, 2008

Talk about sugar high...

not me, thank goodness but my Super Girl. She was so giddy after having those Halloween candy after Trick or Treating this evening... it took her an extra 1.5hrs to fall asleep. Hence, my workout starting now... again... ugh.

I haven't done the diet down to a T any day this week. November will be better... promising myself. I want to make this month count. Starting jumping as of now...

Day 53

Phew, got my exercises finished 5 minutes past midnight. Today's jumping was a grouping of  3 minutes opposed to yesterday's 2 minutes. I know it's totally psycological, but I prefered them today as there were fewer sets to clear. I was jumping while the rest of the family slept upstairs so I couldn't have any music on. So I counted... 2100 jumps.

I never thought I'd say this but I was happy to have the legs exercises back tonight. It felt good to have the squats & creeps and have that strain in my thighs again... no workout is complete without them! I am also enjoying the sit-ups too. (I know there weren't any today but I replaced my last rep of V-sits with 50 sit-ups.) Oh my goodness, I'm probably going to reread my post tomorrow morning and realise that I was out of my mind! Off to bed. I think I'm tired. :) Happy Halloween everyone!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My carbs for tomorrow morning


I'm quite proud to say I baked the above this evening. OK, I admit, I nibbled to have a taste (slap on my wrist - no carbs in the evening).

Recipe: Strong flour 240g; All purpose flour 60g; Milk 200ml; Sugar 30g; Margerine 30g; Salt 4g; Dry Yeast 5g

Can't wait for the morning for my 70g of carbs! Oops, haven't worked out today yet - off to start now. Is it just me? I'm really in a slump. Once I get started, I'm fine but it really is hard work getting there.  Also now that I have two children full time during the autumn break, my diet has gone iffy too. I keep on having a bite of things I shouldn't have.... I need to be stronger... It's no help seeing no change in my weight for about two weeks now - probably due to not sticking 100% to the diet. Ugh. (a big sigh...)

ETA: I just finished my workout with 17 more minutes to go for the evening. Instead of those kung-fu thingee I decided to opt for the 8 min. abs workout. It was quite tough after 100 sit-ups but got though it.  Oyasuminasai.

The world will be a better place...

Look who has come to the rescue! Just had to pop in and post this photo I took. My very own Super Girl S!


Baked Salmon


I made this salmon dish for our guest this evening. At first, it is very lemony and tangy but once you get used to the flavour, totally addictive! As long as it's for lunch, everything used in the recipe is okay for our PCP diet!

4 cloves garlic minced; 4 tbs olive oil; 2 tsp dried basil; 2 tsp ground black pepper; 5 tbs lemon juice, 2 tbs fresh parley chopped; 4 fillets salmon; 1-2 tbs chopped dill

Prepare marinade by mixing above ingredients. Place salmon fillets in a medium glass baking dish and cover with the marinade. Marinade in the fridge for over 1 hour, turning occasionally.

Preheat oven to 190 degrees. Cover the baking dish with foil and bake for 35-45 minutes or until easily flaked with a fork.

My sincere apologies for the less than appetising photo. The best I could do with my two year old's left overs 4 hours after the meal. :) She was too excited to eat anything. I served it with creamed spinach and carrot rice but for PCP, I would put the fillet on a bed of couscous with a side of steamed veggies! Yum!

I've recently found It has recipes for anything and everything. I tend to choose ones that have been tested by over 100 people and has good ratings. The above recipe was one of them. There is a Japanese equivalent - . With these two sites, I am totally HOOKED with cooking/baking at the moment. Just taking today as an example, in addition to the above main dish, I made pumpkin soup, apple pie and banana crumbs muffins. Although I can't eat a lot of the things I make, I get the satisfaction making them plus the house smells divine!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 50

I can't believe it's the 50th day already. Time flew in between the first indulgence and today. Well, the indulgence e-mail came this morning once again to my pleasant surprise. It was perfect timing because we were destined to dine out with my husband's colleague flying in from Hong Kong.

For my last indulgence, I was "craving" for my hot 'n sour soup but this time, I haven't been craving for anything in particular. We went to the restaurant on the ground floor of the ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Akasaka so I had a varied menu to choose from. No one thing grabbed my attention - Korean Bibimpa (stone-baked Korean vegetable topped rice) and Pad Thai (Thai stir-fried noodles) were strong contenders but I settled for Thai curry. I do miss the spicy savour. (Please excuse the grainy photos. They were all taken by my son's point and shoot. )

ind1  ind3

Now, I haven't had a full meal apart from my apple, milk and egg whites in the evening for a while. Just one look at the mountain of rice was enough to put me off!! However, the curry was so spicy (I couldn't have anything that was spicy enough before!) I had to dilute the taste with the rice. I knew anything I tasted was going to be salty so considering, I enjoyed the meal. Managed to polish the curry and maybe half the rice. (I left all the potatoes though - potatoes in Thai curry??) One thing I noticed was that although I don't usually drink a lot of water during a meal, today, I had at least 5 glasses. My body must have reacted quickly to the excess amount of sodium intake. Fascinating.

I was lucky that we started and ended dinner fairly early so upon returning home, I started today's exercises to work some of the food off. The meal was incredibly filling and I feel rather bloated, still as I type this at nearly 11 o'clock, almost 4 hours after finishing the meal. So that's all from me for now.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seeing changes everyday...

My husband came back from his business trip on Friday and was amazed at my changes. Wonderful, something I needed to hear to keep my incentives up! Now yesterday, I think I succeeded in doing the v-sits correctly for the first time. Until now, I could raise my legs to the position but I couldn't get my top half to cooperate. Suddenly (as Corry told us that one day it will click.) I found myself being able to do them - well, when I say them, I mean a few, well, a couple. It's a start anyway.

Instead of counting the jumproping today, it was jumping 7 sets for 2 minutes each. I am so used to counting so I counted anyway while my timer counted down. I jump at a constant rhythm and if I break that (either slowing down or doing it faster) I instantly trip up. So I was jumping at my usual pace. I was averaging 300 jumps in 2 minutes. Please do the maths. That's 2100 jumps... a huge step up from doing 1500 jumps yesterday, and I thought yesterday was a lot of jumps... I was surprised at myself that I could actually jump that many in 14 minutes.

A lot of people ask me about post-PCP. I would love to maintain what I have developed both physically and healthy eating habits. I would be fascinated to hear about what the other former PCP-er that have completed the project have experienced adjusting back to "normal" life and diet.

I took a peek at tomorrow's exercises and I almost wish that I hadn't. Pistol squats, squats and floorjumps all in one day???? Ughhhhhh! (Ha ha, now Munisha and Jane know beforehand too!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 44

We are almost half way there! I know it's late but I am finally "getting" how to work the targeted muscles. Until now I was rather frustrated that for some exercises, I just didn't get the burn that others were feeling or in the right location. Recently, it seems like each day I have a lightbulb moment.  A few days ago was the sit-ups and tonight definitely were the squats. Having done the pistol squats for a week and then going back to the normal squats, I now see that I wasn't going down far enough to get enough workout.   Ugh, more work for me now that I've learned something new....

Costco's with Munisha was certainly fun! What amazes me is that whenever I go there, I end up spending at least 20,000 yen(!) and today was purely for fresh foods!! Hopefully my stock will last a while.

Partly due to the fact that yesterday's figures hadn't improved much since last week, today I was feeling "big"... for some reason. I remember reading Emiko's post about how she felt that her tummy was still there... that is exactly how I feel. It doesn't help when my 2 year olds falls asleep patting it as though it was pudding or something... You wait and see little one, hopefully pretty soon - you won't be able to do that, honey! Maybe the no banana suppers will kick in this week...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 41

Ooops - had a rather full day today so I'll be exercising in the evening when the two kiddos are down. (whenever that is going to be!) I just had to jump in here and declare that... I love cottage cheese now! I am so glad Patrick recommended trying it again because I think my taste has changed and it is so scrummy! Have been mixing it with tuna and really enjoying it. Who ever knew!

Have found a budding artist this morning so wanted to share...


Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 39

Today's workout and lunch with the ladies at Jodi's was great. Now that the exercises are so much harder and longer, doing them together makes them go by so much easier, faster, and of course more fun! Munisha, your V-sits are impressive girl! Lunch was simply delicious too! Thank you all so much! Having said that, my jumproping was rubbish this morning. I could not jump more than 20 at a time and I got caught up every few jumps. It was frustrating at first but then it got highly embarrassing! (I can jump on good days, trust me!) I did give up after 1000 then and just finished doing the rest (plus an extra 200 to make me feel better) - I hate it when I fall asleep next to my little one while I'm putting her to bed. Now I am wide awake at such a weird time of day. Oh well!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 37

Getting out of bed was a struggle this morning. I'm really sore from yesterday's workout! I'm guessing it must have been those crawls or the new squats because my thighs feel it the most. Today's jumping was fine but oh boy, it was tough getting through the exercises. I'm glad it's over for today - ugh but 4 sets of 40 second planks was a killer.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 36

A new week - harder exercises. Thanks Corry for putting up with me one to one this morning. It was so worth it! I'm feeling every muscles today and it's great. To my pleasant surprise, I must have been doing something right last week - my figures had all improved and I was excited to see a jump in my muscle mass percentage. It was hovering around the 27% mark until now but suddenly it was up to 29% today. I'm becoming "like Jane" - a hama mama's PCP terminology which means muscle percentage  of 33%!

Day 35

This week was filled with fun and excitement treasuring every minute with the family visiting from Germany. The time apart for 3.5 years (apart from a brief visit to Germany) instantly disappeared and it was as if they had never left Japan - well, bar the fact that children had grown and there was a  little addition to our family. The time flew by and they have departed (and already landed on the other side of the world) but we will be reunited again, hopefully very soon.

The PCP took rather a backseat as it was hard getting the diet right while on the run. I did manage most of the exercises and have not missed any jumping. Today, I am back on track and ready to take on the upcoming weeks full on.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 32

Jumping and doing the exercises at 10PM after spending over 9 hours at Tokyo Disney Sea - that's commitment for you. Needless to say, I am totally shattered and I have cut some corners doing the workout but I now can retire to bed with a clear conscience. One point of advice - when going anywhere crowded, make sure your 2.5 year old wears a flourescent coloured shirt with the home phone number written on the back  (great advice from a supportive and compassionate friend) or never leave her out of your sight - it will save you from alot of unwanted sweat, panic, losing your voice and running. Did I say I was thankful for that added energy boost PCP has given me for those "emergency" moments? Going off to bed... thankful that everyone is safe and sound.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 30

It's hard to think that we are already a third way through! I am quite proud of myself for getting this far but I must admit it has been a pleasure. I feel great, have abundant energy and I can now fit into clothes that I never thought I would. I can now fit into trousers that I was wearing on my honeymoon 10 years ago. I had lost weight prior to the wedding and weighed 47kg (my slimmest by far). Ok, my weight is still far from then but still I am thrilled! I will try to see if I have a photo wearing it then and compare photos! Since starting PCP, I've so far lost at least 6kgs! I'm definitely loving the change along with the newly acquired muscle power! Can't wait for the next two months and the changes it will bring.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 28

Finished with week 3! 1300 times jumping was such an energy boost for the morning - I really enjoyed it. My bestest friend from Germany arrived this morning, first time in too many years. I am thrilled that I can spend time with her in Yokohama once again - it will be like going back in a time machine!! My son's best friend, my god daughter and her twin - and of course their wonderful papa - what a glorious bunch to be with. I have to enjoy every second of this week! Will update with photos soon. Be warned, they're gorgeous!

On a sidenote, my son is really interested in cooking with me recently. He made himself a banana smoothie yesterday. He is eating much more vegetables (his pet hate) and is more energetic. I hope it rubs off on his results for the Negishi run on Tuesday which he is so looking forward to!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Her first ever obento -

Just a quick post because I couldn't resist. My daughter is off to a zoo venture this morning with a picnic. I told you I was really into cooking. Did I make a high hurdle for myself in the future or what?


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 25

I am obsessed with cooking at the moment! :) I have so much food in the fridge, I'm cooking for the children despite my diet not allowing me to savour them. I was in the kitchen at 10:30 yesterday evening boiling daikon (Japanese white radish) with minced beef sauce so that my 8 yr old son could bring it for his lunch. (although he admitted that he chucked them... grrrr.)

The much waited "indulgence" e-mail from Patrick this morning. I was allowed "something between 200-400 calories that is not on the PCP diet ". So far, I have never craved for anything sweet because I've never really had a sweet tooth and fruit is such a big part of diet.

What I wanted was my favorite hot and sour soup noodles at the local Taiwanese restaurant.  I quickly looked up the calories - gosh, I always thought it was healthy and low calories but I was far from it. It was 750 calories! I was not going to give up though and rang up my mother to join me for lunch so that I can steal a few bites . (She obviously didn't have a choice of what she was ordering!)  Her assistant at Bayside Academy (my mum's Japanese language school - a tiny advertisement here! tee hee!) also tagged along for the feast. Hot and sour soup noodles were ordered alongside stir-fried water spinach (Ong choi or kushinsai).  So here is my indulgence in full glory!



(Quite difficult getting my photo taken with comments flying around like "where do I look through?" or "what do I press?"  My mum failed miserably and so this was taken by the restaurant owner, who was equally not very camera savvy. I'm glad it was in focus, but sorry mum, you were out of the frame! She was there!)

Well, when I walked in the restaurant, everyone noticed that I was slimmer and more fit which was exciting. I craved for the same soup while I was pregnant with my second, so they have seen me at my biggest and I have been a repeat customer eversince! After chatting about PCP for a shortwhile, I asked the chef to make our order with the smallest amount of salt and oil possible.

This soup that I have been craving for - my total indulgence - was good - but not as I remembered it to be. I could taste so many different spices and ingredients that I never noticed before and it was.... how shall I say... distracting? I think there was a bit of my guilty conscious whispering... "are you sure you want to be eating this??" too. Therefore, I enjoyed my lunch but preferred the stir-fried water spinach to my surprise. I now have to go on a hunt to get hold of water spinach for my own cooking! Furthermore, notice my small bowl compared to the usual portion? I was so full after what I had, I couldn't imagine eating the whole thing - to think I polished that up and was so ready for dessert a few weeks ago! Oh my!

I've enjoyed my indulgence and am ready to return to the diet scheme!