Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 23


My daughter's best friend celebrated her 3rd birthday today. The children had a ball - it was a test of self-control for me. All those party finger food was so tempting but I stayed way clear. Phew. Isn't that Anpanman cake the cutest?

After the workout yesterday, I realised that perhaps I wasn't pushing myself  enough for each of the exercises. Today I made sure that I felt those muscles working. Been feeling the strain all day.  Good pain.

I seem to have much more energy these days, proven by the fact that I just finished clearing the kitchen and my last batch of laundry. I definitely would have postponed them until tomorrow morning until now.

And my biggest surprise -  I glanced at the mirror and noticed that  I have two "faint" vertical lines in my tummy!! Nothing to show off about or worth a picture but I have NEVER had these before. I did do a double take and also make sure that it wasn't a line made from a crease in my clothing or anything. Exciting!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Quest for bananas

I went to Home's and they were completely out of bananas. The explanation was that there was a TV program a few days ago that introduced what's called the "banana diet".  The diet only calls for eating a banana and drink plenty of water for breakfast and many testified that they lost weight. Eversince the broadcast, stores can't stock enough bananas.  Thr program must have aired on the day Tim couldn't find any.  I went to three other stores and finally found some at the fruit shop by Yamate Station - sorry I took the last two though! Upon reaching home, I made a banana shake with ice, milk and my prized banana. It was not funny, I was fighting with the children to get my sufficient amount. Oh well.

Day 22

Had a great workout this morning. Thank you ladies! Here is the big shock - no carbs for lunch!! What? I was expecting the apple, banana, egg white feast to start so that was no biggie but no carbs for lunch?? Today, I think it was my mind saying I ought to be hungry, so I was. I had a full 100g protein (sauteed lamb) with 100g steamed veggies and 1 egg white but by 15:00 I was starving! I had my 80g ration of fruits, a kiwi, and now I feel better.

Yesterday evening, my 2.5 year old daughter was sad going to bed so I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner the next day. The children have been eating really healthy for the last 3 weeks. In a split second, with a wide grin on her face she said "Cheeburger, mummy. The small cheeburger at McWonal. (Big bro usually has the double cheeseburger or as she says the "biiiig" cheeburger)." So I promised her a date at McWonal as I tucked her in so that is where I will be in the next hour. Of course, I will have my two fruits with me as I watch the two munch away. They deserve that for being so supportive!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 21

1000 jumps finished. Just in time, my new jumprope with the counter arrived. It's such a great tool for those who can't count, right? WRONG! I found myself  too attached to my former jumprope- I tried 500 jumps with the new ones and gave up. The rope is heavier, the handles a bit longer. I was jumping higher and slower than usual to avoid whipping myself which was quite painful. I did like the luxury of not having to count but I was counting to myself anyway...

We went out on a family outing yesterday and I can feel that I had so much more energy than before. Previously our highlight of the weekend  was enjoying meals out but now we are eating at the house which is so much more relaxing!  (well, bar my supportive husband working away in the kitchen afterwards!)

I am roasting a chicken at the moment as I type- without any salt and with handmade stuffing... Hopefully it will come out okay... Looking forward to tomorrow's workout. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 18

I learn something new every day - I went out to lunch to celebrate a friend's birthday. Although I had everything that I was allowed to have- steamed vegetables, roast beef (without sauce or gravy), bread, few grapes and coffee - I guess the salt content was a bit higher than what I recently got used to.  Although the portion was just under my required lunch ration, oh boy, I've been feeling so tired and irritable all afternoon. Could it be that extra salt causing this?

All my friends will testify that I'm not one for walking - I even drive to school instead of that five minutes walk. Well, I walked for 30 minutes to the restaurant today and it felt great!  Also, my tummy is  getting used to eating small for dinner. I'm loving the little changes at the moment!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 17

On Monday, I jumped 250 consecutively - today was 350! I'm really enjoing this. It seems like I can jumprope so much more so suddenly. Having a hard time counting though. I caught myself saying "37, 38, 39, 60." Yeah, right. I've ordered jumpropes with counters now.

Day 16

For the last week, I felt like I was always in the kitchen. Steaming, cleaning, peeling, cleaning, more steaming... Now, it is second nature and so much easier. I've decided that I like lighter & leafy vegetables (sprouts, Chinese cabbage, lettuce etc.) more than the carrots & broccoli's and that has taken the strain out of steaming vegetables for more than five minutes.

Now, as the diet changed yesterday, I am hungry. Substituting 1 egg white for my 50g protein for dinner has been tough but due to that, I totally appreciate the full breakfast now. What a change to the system. It is so interesting how the body (and mind) quickly adapts.  

I had my breakfast this morning but ate my morning snack too early. By lunch time, I was ravenous and a bit dizzy. My lesson learnt the hard way. I will be spacing out my snacks from now...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Something must be changing...

if I am steaming vegetables at 10PM because I'm craving for steamed bean sprouts. I mean, there are cravings but bean sprouts? I savoured my allocated 50g vegetables for my night snack and I was happy. Until now, you would have seen me sneak a cup noodle or a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, eaten with pleasure but with guilt... but tonight it was moyashi. I'm not often surprised by myself but tonight I am stunned for words!! At least I am not feeling guilty!

Day 15


No, this isn't my photo. I had a maternity session yesterday, but it did make me think back. It was having my two babies that really put the weight on. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had a doctor that did not mind how much I gained during my pregnancy. Now I am here to work it off. I am determined to succeed.

Yesterday, for the first time I was hungry in the evening. I think the joy of weighing my food was wearing thin and I can pretty much eyeball the amount I need to eat. Then came my cravings - I was thinking of all the wrong foods, obviously - ramen, chips, curry... all that oil and salt! (And why did I get those little bags of crisps for the children at Costco's?? ) I was surfing the internet for salt-free noodle soup with little success, of course. I simply decided to take an early night.

This morning I went along to the workout and came out really refreshed. To see the other ladies, chatting, exercising together, drooling over Corry - I now have  recharged my motivation. Great. A start to another week, here I come! 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 13

Guess what I found at Costco's today. (Yes, boring way to spend a Saturday with the children, I know. Had to be done.) This will most certainly be used often. Currently I'm stocked up to the brim with vegetables, fruits and fish - my refrigerator is about to explode!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 12

Finished my exercises for the day. I didn't think I was going to ever say this but - breakfast is too much food! (Too much food? Did I say that?) I usually eat very little for breakfast, piece of toast or bowl of rice... Not a bowl of rice, egg, 150ml of yoghurt AND a bowl of vegetables! I struggled this morning especially because I wasn't feeling a 100% but managed to get it down.

My magic wand (AKA Elvie my super helper) steamed and weighed enough veggies and rice to take me to Monday when she next comes. If I don't have time or don't feel like cooking, I can just whip it out. How wonderful. You're a gem Elvie! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 10


Hint of autumn. Weather is cooling down now making it a tad easier to do the exercises.  Havins said that, whenever I am exercising, my two year old always rushes to get a towel saying "bisho bisho ne" (literally means "you're drenched" - thank you sweetie!)  At least I'm working hard.

Foodwise, I'm still struggling with cutting down salt. Feels rather bland as the Japanese diet uses so much of it! I will get used to it in time, I'm sure. We had sashimi tuna for supper but was later told that sashimi was quite fatty?? Is that true? Hmm...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 9


Who was I kidding? Even "I" can do the exercises? I'm suffering at week 2! It was not a gradual increase as I had hoped- Week 2 makes you work so much more! My arms have been screaming out eversince our workout yesterday.  Now it really feels like I'm starting to train muscles to do their job. No pain, no gain, I guess!

As for the foods - I was on a brief trip away and encountered problems finding decent veggies and protein. It made me step back and think about how we overeat carbs and take excessive amount of salt.   

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 7


I was out paparazzing yesterday - that is, I attended a workshop sponsored by Canon and was one of TWENTY photographers taking pictures of one model. One thing is for sure, I can never be confident enough to stand there with so many cameras pointed at me. (OK, no one would ask me to be a model but still...)

Anyway, exercises has been all completed for this week. I was glad that even "I" can do them. I am looking forward to the next set of exercises and of course the new menu. After this week, I realise now that I was eating way over the body requirement- there is a Japanese saying "Hara hachibunme" which translates  literally to eat only until 80% full. (the proberb means "Light suppers make for long lives.") - that is so true. I don't feel hungry anymore with less food and I feel lighter and happier. I have lost at least 2 kgs in the last week already. I'm ready for week 2.  

As for my photography, I have set a goal to master various flash techniques during the next 82 days. I hope I can borrow fellow PCP members to try them out - Patrick and Corry, I'd love to start off with you guys. Let's take cool photos. I won't let you down!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 4 Happy feet!


My gorgeous and supportive friend Penny treated me to my first ever pedicure for my birthday. (No need for birthday wishes because it was in May!) Now, this was pure bliss. I can happily show off my feet in the weekly photograph now - and if it sparkles, it will be the diamonds on my big toe!  (I struggled with photographing my own feet - how creative can you get?!)

I am happy to say that jumproping is becoming easier and easier and I can jump far more in one go. I no longer have to stop to catch my breath and have found a comfortable rhythm.  I guess my body is slowly but surely learning... How exciting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 3

Cutting what I usually have at McDonalds by half  probably was not part of the "cutting our meals by half scheme" - but that was what we had for supper. I find myself making excuses to eat "half" of everything and anything at the moment (although with a guilty conscience) so I am already looking forward to the more strict measurement diet from next week. Then, there will be no more excuses! 

I finished my exercises before taking my daughter to her swimming lesson in the morning. I find myself now noticing how I use certain muscles (highlighted by mild muscle pain I feel in places). It is going to be interesting  seeing how these muscles develop.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2 Finished already?

I decided to get the exercises out of the way early this morning. I have a bit of muscle ache coming on from yesterday in my arms but otherwise I am okay. I had my tiny personal trainer counting away next to me. Her counting tends to skip around, go up to only 10 and carries on whether I am panting or not... but anyway.

Here are a few shots from yesterday of Jodi. I tend to hide behind the camera when I am nervous - I was waiting for my photo to be taken - totally nervewrecking!



Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 1

Hi. My name is Maki and I don't exercise... Ha ha, I guess this statement is going to have to change now that I have decided to take part in PCP. Eversince school days, I wished for rain on Sports day - if it was on, my mother prayed that I wouldn't come last in all the races. My younger brother always excelled in the sporting side while I was happy pursing my music.

Then why do this now? I have two children, ages 8 and 2 and have used up all excuses to explain to myself why I am still not back in shape.  Rather, I am always exceeding my personal maximum weight on a monthly basis! After the summer, I met up with Corry and saw her stunning figure and her abundant energy. This is what I want and I am looking forward to opening new doors for myself! Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu!

So, I am going to start off my blog with a photo of gorgeous Corry from this morning!